Wi-Fi has been the best thing for travellers both near home and afar. With smart phones, you can jump on an app’ and get the best deal for a flight, accommodation, vehicles, not to mention attractions from theme parks to bespoke private travel tours.

For many, they are what is known as die-hard fans of do-it-yourself holiday makers.

For those of us who have had less than ideal bad trips, the right travel agent can save you not only money but a huge amount of time as you troll through the millions of options available on DIY booking sites.

What you may not realise is Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island are not your average destinations, they have their own private magic, with many hidden treasures…all of which your apps and DIY sites do not tell you.

How hard can it be to match the availability of your accommodation, the one you have checked out and have your heart set on with a flight?

Harder than you think!

Generally, there are three agendas for finding the right agent for this stunning holiday destination.

1) To find a “Good Travel Agent.” Is there such a thing?

2) To experience first-hand all the hidden treasures this island has to offer.

3) To find the best airfare within a specified timeframe.



Where To Start – Knowledge Of A Good Travel Agent

Just like a medical specialist who operates only on knees, or a financial planner who focuses just on self-managed super funds, we understand the island a lot better than our competitors.

We don’t just sell. We live it. We know the accommodation owners. We know every room type.

We know the people who work at the airport who help you with your luggage when you arrive. We know the tour operators & the people who climb the mountains.

It’s almost like we’ve all lived on the island at some stage, and a lot of the staff have their own holidays there…imagine?!

Being such a unique destination, having a holiday to Lord Howe Island is a trip of a lifetime, something all the team at Oxley Travel value…it’s the type of place where you want to take the kids and have a holiday to remember…forever

Owners, Brian & Yvonne: Brian has been going to the island since 1974 – as a pilot when the airstrip first opened & Yvonne has been visiting the island since 1986. Manager, Jeremy first visited the island as a child in 1988.

All our staff members have a personal passion for Lord Howe Island & Norfolk Island and not only visit for work purposes but also family holidays.

We don’t believe there is another travel agent who can say most of the staff have taken their families to a destination like this more than once and had that ‘trip of a lifetime’ with the kids.


Our staff genuinely want to experience what they’ve learnt here at work.


A True Story

Last year one of our consultants went to Lord Howe Island with her family, her two boys were aged 9 and 11 at the time.

Like most families, Anne wanted to reconnect with the family, enjoy the crystal-clear waters, learn more about the ecosystem and island environment.

Little did Anne know that the little bird book she purchased on the island for her son would be the beginning of a lifetime passion.

This little boy spent the week studying different birds rather than looking at a device.

It’s all he talked about, and it’s probably one of the highlights of his life.

We know what it’s like…we think back to our own holidays as kids, and what were our highlights.

Which comes back to we don’t sell it, we live it. Not just because we have the experience, it’s the longstanding personal relationships with the Islanders.

We’ve had a quiet drink at the club, climbed Mt Gower, swum in the lagoon and fed the fish at Ned’s Beach

Not to mention that between us all we have pretty much stood in every room…we have experienced everything there is on Lord Howe.

There is something to be said for the 170 of years we have between us on being the experts of this island.


It’s All In The Experience

Take grandad, he wants to get the family together and spend quality time without the interruptions of the world.

Grandad calls to enquire and says ‘this is the configuration of my family, how do I go about it?’

Our specialist groups consultant will provide the best options to suit the families specific requirements such as location, room types, bedding configuration & budget.

We know what each property offers…room by room, literally!

We know the questions to ask anyone who is wanting to go to the islands and how to get you to the island in the best way possible…your DIY booking app’ can’t do that or an online booking engine.

That’s the point.

Our team know everything about these two destinations as we specialise in Lord Howe Island & Norfolk Island exclusively.



The Booking Process

To get you around this challenge, as any DIY holidaymaker knows…it can take many hours to join all the dots, for example, to get the right price flights in line with the availability of your preferred accommodation.

Unlike booking your flights online & paying immediately we can book & hold the flights until all other arrangements are in place. We will then forward a confirmation invoice outlining when payment is due along with an option to take out travel insurance, which we strongly recommend.

For school holidays & peak periods it imperative to book well in advance due to the limited amount of visitors permitted on Lord Howe Island at any one time.  We are already holding bookings for 2019!

The one-stop-shop for a great holiday! Call or email the experts.


Best Tips For Booking Your Holiday

  • Choose the time of year you wish to travel.
  • Book well in advance to ensure the best-priced flights & your preferred choice of accommodation is available, especially for groups or families travelling together.
  • The more detail you provide us with your requirements the better the holiday we can arrange for you.
  • Travel insurance is not an option it is a necessity when travelling to either Lord Howe Island & Norfolk Island. It is advisable to take insurance out upon paying your deposit to cover you for unforeseen circumstances.

Note: not all travel insurances cover these destinations.

  • We’re here to do all for you!

Not sure where to start, make a quick enquiry…you will be glad you did!