I have worked for Oxley Travel for 18 years now and have always enjoyed working in the travel industry and love to travel myself. My husband Steve also has a passion for travel so we encourage one another to escape whenever an opportunity arises.

When employed by Yvonne & Brian back in 1999 (last century!!!) I knew very little about Lord Howe Island or Norfolk Island, however, I quickly developed a passion for both these magnificent islands.

Although I have traveled to both island’s several times for work, I also make an effort to visit them on family holidays as they are perfect destinations for Steve to switch off and my 2 children.. ….to also switch off and make the most of the natural environment.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday on Lord Howe last year and again this October. We usually wouldn’t choose the same destination 2 years in a row but I knew from our 2016 holiday that Lord Howe was going to tick all the boxes, so off we went.

The kids just love the freedom of walking & riding everywhere jumping in for a swim whenever they desired. They paddle boarded in the lagoon for the first time, which was the highlight for my 10-year-old son – his new favourite activity! Whilst the highlight for my 13-year-old daughter was definitely the Snorkelling & Turtle Tour, we were lucky to get up close to several turtles and she was completely intrigued by the skipper’s commentary and knowledge he shared about the reef & it’s marine life.

My husband Steve has his own business and works really hard so it’s imperative when we’re away he gets a bit of downtime. He certainly did that without a problem! He did manage to get out on a fishing trip which he thoroughly enjoyed as he’s had a slight fetish for Lord Howe Island Kingfish since I introduced it to him back when stone-wash jeans were all the rage.

For me, it was all about a hassle free & relaxing break. Give me a book and palm tree to lay under and I’m there in a heartbeat. In the evening we enjoyed chatting with other tourists at the various clubs and restaurants as opposed to our 2016 trip where we mostly self-catered in our apartment or barbecued at a couple of public BBQ sites on the island.

These past two family holidays have also benefited me work wise in enabling me to see first-hand the progressive changes occurring on the island, from new & upgraded accommodation to the NBN.

Regardless, I still felt as connected to this pristine island as much as I did on my first trip all those years ago. The beauty of the islands natural environment still takes my breath away, I love that our enthusiasm for Lord Howe never wanes and I know my husband & kids will continuing nagging me until we return.