Ever wondered what it would feel like to be standing looking out over one of the most beautiful views in the world?

The sea air gently touching your face, the smell of the cleanest vegetation, the sound of…silence.

Yes, it takes a bit of time.

Yes, you need to do a spot of hiking.

But it’s worth it….every single step you make!


Mt Gower

Mt Gower is the iconic peak at the southern end of Lord Howe Island, rising 875m from sea level the mountain offers one the best day walks in Australia. Lord Howe’s Mt Gower trek is a must for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, stunning views & interesting facts on the island’s flora & fauna.

The walk is around 14km return and takes about 8.5 hours to complete and is considered medium to hard so you need to be in good health and have no knee or back problems.

There are a few areas where ropes are anchored into place to offer assistance up/down the steeper areas of the climb. During the trek, you will enjoy spectacular views of Balls Pyramid, Mt Lidgbird, the lagoon and the Island’s northern settlement area.

You will also discover the mist forest on the summit of Mt Gower containing trees, ferns, mosses and orchids seen nowhere else on the planet.

Amazing to say the least.


The Best Times To Walk

From March to September walkers will share the summit environment with a unique winter breeding seabird, the Providence Petrel (Pterodroma solandri),  sit and take a moment to watch the acrobatic flying behaviour of this bird and call a totally wild seabird out of the sky.

The trek should not be taken lightly, it is quite challenging as I discovered the first time I scaled the summit….I knew a reasonable amount about the walk prior to my first encounter and even then I was not prepared.

In the 2 years prior I had been lucky enough to experience trekking to Poon Hill & the Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalaya’s. I have also completed a 3-day jungle trek from Chang Mai, Thailand (in monsoon season might I add!) plus the Milford Track in New Zealand and various day walks.

Picture someone who thought he knew a thing or two, so I was a little cocky and unprepared for Mt Gower.

My first mistake, not taking a decent pair of walking boots! My running shoes were just not sturdy enough and did not offer enough grip nor support.

Second mistake, not taking a weatherproof jacket. I have seen the weather on Lord Howe change quickly and on this day we experienced a very sharp change.

From a sunny, tranquil & uninterrupted view from the summit of Mt Gower which is absolutely incredible to a cold, rainy howling nor-easterly as we were descending down through the Palm forest 45 minutes later.

This I did not expect and lucky for me an older gentleman on the walk spotted my goosebumps and heard my teeth chattering so kindly offered me his spare long sleeve thermal shirt which allowed me to enjoy the remainder of the walk.

Although I was unprepared it was an extremely enjoyable day and an amazing walk. Apart from the endless amount of breathtaking views the thing that impressed me was the amount of knowledge the guides share along the way.

Even whilst waiting for the slower members of the group your guide is constantly providing interesting facts & history on everything ‘Lord Howe’.


The Facts

The trek must be pre-booked with either Jack Schick of Sea to Summit Expeditions or Dean Hiscox of Lord Howe Environmental Tours. Oxley Travel can arrange this on your behalf, click here to get started.

Jack Schick – fifth-generation islander & third generation mountain guide, following the steps of his grandfather & father. Jack has climbed the mountain over 1800 times in the past 20 years and shares a wealth of knowledge along the way.

Jacks walks are scheduled for every Monday & Thursday.

Dean Hiscox – was the Lord Howe Island Board Ranger for 16 years and has extensive knowledge about the Islands World Heritage values, the amazing natural history,
and the management of the island’s natural environment.

Deans walk is scheduled for every Wednesday

Note: numbers are limited and the walk operates subject to weather conditions.

Not sure if you’re up for it?

Please call our friendly team on 1800 266 953 and we can talk you through the best options for you during your stay.

I highly recommend the walk & I can’t wait to do it again myself!