Do you like a subtropical paradise that has World Heritage recognition?

Have someone special to be with or something special to say to someone?

Want to be some place without all the noise of today’s busy life?

Less than 2 hours by plane from Sydney, about level with Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW. Lord Howe Island is the place. I proposed to my love after a 4 hour muddy but exhilarating climb up the famous Mt Gower. On top of ‘Gower’ and looking at the small island paradise spreading out below us, the question was posed and I heard the answer I wanted. Yes! After a year of deciding where to marry we realized that there was no more special place than Lord Howe Island itself.

Oxley travel was there to help. Their amazing team was able to put together a number of options for our guests. From short stays to a week or more, with flights and accommodation at the tranquil Somerset Apartments our 50 guests actually booked out most of the property. All our guests said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. It’s probably because it was a perfect wedding! Or maybe because it was just a perfect place. Everyone wanted to be there, they were all relaxed enjoying a bit of paradise and having a little break too.

With guests arriving over the days ahead of the ceremony they were all able to enjoy the sights and experiences the island has to offer. Our personal favourite is starting the day with a swim at Blinky Beach, a short bike ride from Somerset. Blinky Beach is long stretch of sandy beach on the opposite side of the island from the lagoon. To see the sunrise here over the water is so beautiful. I mentioned the short bike ride to Blinky Beach, visitors mostly either walk or ride push bikes to travel around the island. These modes of transport slow you down allowing you to leisurely take in the beauty of the island. Even though the Locals have vehicles you can completely forget city traffic for a few days. With only 350 residents and 400 guests at any one time the island never feels crowded.

Our other favourite beach is Ned’s Beach. On the same side of the island as Blinky Beach, but having a totally different feel. With a grassy slope overlooking the beach it has some of the best snorkelling with a beautiful coral reef and all the fantastic tropical fish imaginable. Lord Howe Island has the most southern coral reef in the world, fed by the warm water currents from the east coast of Australia. Ned’s Beach was our chosen location for our wedding ceremony. In the afternoon, on the grassy area overlooking the beach, our ceremony was performed by the island CEO. It was magical to have our wedding in such a perfect setting, surrounded by relaxed, happy, family and friends.

For our reception we used one of the beautiful island restaurants. The island prides its self on high quality dining. Many of the restaurants have top quality food and great chefs who create amazing dishes using the finest fresh ingredients. King Fish is something for which Lord Howe Island is famous, everyone should try some. Our wedding guests were able to make use of the courtesy evening restaurant transfers provided by their accommodation. This allowed them to enjoy their chosen restaurant without worry. The restaurant then shuttled them the short drive back to their accommodation. No long city drive in harassing traffic, just a short, quiet drive through palms and banyan trees.

Our guests enjoyed the island’s activities to the max, with some of the best scuba diving over the coral reef in the lagoon, to the amazing and beautiful walks along the various tracks that criss-cross the island. Being an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean it is home to many species of marine birds. These can also be an absolute delight as they fly around you, unafraid, as they has no natural predators on the island. All the while their young sit chirping in the sand dunes as you walk by.

It is always hard when it comes time to leave Lord Howe Island. All holidays come to an end, but the memories last a life time.

Oxley Travel can make it all happen. They did for us!