Relaxation, adventure, cultural diversity, food & wine, romance, sport, accomplishment, celebration, spiritual, health & wellbeing?

All of the above and many, many more!

People love to travel…and why wouldn’t you?

The world is a big place and offers so many amazing places and mind-blowing experiences. Whether it’s a family getaway to a nearby beach or a ‘Boys Road Trip’ from LA to San Fra’n….i’m in!

I love a holiday, although, in reality, I’d never get away with a boys road trip in the States!

Regardless of the destination, type of holiday or cost…everyone looks forward to a holiday.

From the excitement of the planning stages, the restless night prior to leaving, the sense of freedom as you depart – it’s the idea of breaking away from everyday life…it’s like the shackles have been cut off.

I live in Port Macquarie and feel extremely blessed as it’s a truly magnificent part of the world and I try my hardest never to take it for granted…..BUT sometimes I can’t wait to knock off work, go home pack the bags and high tail it out of here because I know the overwhelming joy my family & I get from a holiday.

I love seeing things for the first time; roads, beaches, architecture, culture, art, mountains, rivers, the feeling of flying into a particular airport for the first time. I find unique landscapes incredibly fascinating & different cultures intriguing. I love bushwalking through tracks to lookouts I’ve never been to or going for a dip in uncrowded waters.

Changes in our lives bring changes to the type of holiday we prefer. We grow up, meet new friends, have children, more commitments, different financial situations, develop new interests & hobbies, respect different things, grow old/er… they all have an impact on how & why we choose a particular holiday.

15 – 20 years ago my holidays consisted of cheap airfares, uncomfortable beds, lengthy layovers, a bit of adventure, some nightlife and a few hangovers, now, having 3 children…my holiday consists of short flights or drive, a 2 bedroom apartment with comfortable beds, good food & wine, child friendly activities and maybe 1 hangover! Although these holiday types are extremely different & the emotional rewards are very diverse, each holiday returns a remarkable sense of freedom & inspires us to continually strive for the next adventure.

These days my daily mission on a holiday is to spend as much quality time as possible with my family with a focus on our children experiencing things outside their normal routines – teaching them life’s not all about shopping centers & theme parks. Encouraging them to learn about different cultures & their history, observe different religions, explore diverse environments, try different foods etc. That being said, give them a resort pool or a beautiful beach and they’ll joyfully swim all day long!

With destinations becoming more accessible and transport becoming faster along with my personal goals & my families passion for holidaying, I hope to continue traveling for many years to come, I just need time to sit down and sort out my overflowing bucket list.